What’s in it for me

As a service reseller

As a services reseller on ArrowSphere marketplace, you enter the Cloud Services with low investment. You can get your own services webstore, with an immediate connection to best of breed services providers (Iaas, Saas, Paas) without having to spend massive amounts of time and cash.

The services webstore enables the services resellers access to:

  • Services catalogue creation

    Select the services you want to distribute from the ArrowSphere portfolio of Best of Breed services. Seven service categories are available: Communication & Collaboration, Business Applications, Back-Up, Services On-Demand, Security, Storage On Demand and Unified Communication.

  • Services accreditation management

    Services accreditation and partnerships levels are automatically managed for all available services and the ArrowSphere team will optimise your access levels to services providers’ portfolios.

  • Centralised services provisioning

    From provisioning new services to adding or decreasing the usage, your end-user will have a single access point to a complete portfolio of cloud services – Iaas, Saas and Paas – through one online interface.

  • Subscription management

    Manage the lifecycle of all provisioned services easily and centrally. The webstore will simplify the complexity of service renewals and associated notifications, grace periods, free trials and catalogue updates for service providers.

  • Single sign-on access

    Provide single sign-on access to all the services available in your catalogue to avoid the complexity of multi-vendor password management.

  • Add own professional services

    Through the webstore, resellers can add their professional services such as migrations from legacy to cloud systems, interface between cloud and in-house infrastructure, support and monitoring.

  • Centralised billing

    Feed your ERP’s with a consolidated data file that includes all services consumed by your customers. It is ready to import and contains all information required for billing the service consumers.

  • Centralised usage reporting

    Benefit from centralised and consolidated access to different reports, per customer, per vendor or per service. Tracking and managing your installed base helps you decide on business development initiatives that are best for you.

As a service provider

As a service provider connected to ArrowSphere you will benefit from a unique opportunity to grow your business in the cloud, faster than the market – and the competition.

The key advantages of ArrowSphere include: